The CAChef Café

The CAChef Café is an eatery located in the suburbs of Bombay. My team and I were tasked to create a superhero themed menu for the cafe.

Project Details

Duration: April 2017 to May 2017
Medium: Print Design
What I Did: Ideation, Content Writing, Sketching, Graphic Design

Client Brief

The CAChef Café is an eatery located in the suburbs of Bombay. Being a personal hobby of the owners, the food is cooked and usually served by them.

To complement the interiors of the café, my team1 and I were tasked to come up with a “superhero plus comic” themed menu which captured the essence & aura of the café along with displaying the menu items in a clean and readable format.

The cafe's colorful interiors


The cafe had a very personal touch with the owner wanting to recreate his childhood memories with reading superhero comics. We decided to create a menu that would transport a customer back to their own childhood while also taking advantage of pop culture references from recent superhero movies for relatability.

We maintained a balance of illustrations and text by going with a two-page layout. The left side being the comic illustrations and the right being the menu items. This was done to make sure the customers of the café aren’t overwhelmed by the content and depth of the illustrations infused with the different menu choices.

Sketching and Story

We scoured through iconic and memorable moments in superhero comic history and more recent movie productions.

The menu had roughly five pages worth of content which meant five pages of illustrations. In order to be able to include a more diverse collection of superheroes, instead of trying to create a continuous storyline, we planned to make 5 stand alone illustrations. So, we shortlisted on 5 catchphrases and common references that were enough to elicit a quick giggle. To maintain the link between the menu and illustrations, we incorporated some of the owner’s favourite items in the character dialogues.

Designing the menu

After these initial concepts for the sketches and story were approved by the client, we moved on to the actual process of designing the menu.

For the illustrations, we toned down on the detail and number of frames per page in order to ensure that the reader is entertained but not drawn away from the menu items. The actual menu needed to complement the comic book feel present in the illustrations, while keeping in mind the readability of the menu.


The cafe owners loved the menu, and this project was chosen out of more than 2,500 entries as a semi-finalist in the annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018.

Check out the entire menu here.

  1. Illustration work in this project has been done by the wonderful Mudita Sisodia! [return]