Start Selling Something From Today

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s your art, app or a skill you possess. Selling almost anything is an art. And it requires knowing your customer, the competition and several other factors.

Selling products means making someone believe in your vision.

And that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Businesses revolve around customers, whether you’re building a brand which sells products or working as a freelancer with companies. The exhilarating feeling when a customer/client purchases your products/services, you remember the countless hours you spent brainstorming and creating those commodities or developing that skill.

And that’s why it’s important for all of you to feel that. In today’s world, when you attach a price tag to a commodity, you’re giving your potential customer a plethora of options to choose from (unless your product is the first of it’s kind, which is very rare). Maybe it’s a similar product from one of your competitors, maybe even something cheaper with higher sales.

The point is, if they’re still buying your product, after looking at all the options available to them, that means they saw something in it. Maybe a specific feature/design that appealed to them. And that uniqueness is exactly what you need to never get enough of.

So talk to your customers, get to know what’s unique to you, and never stop developing it. Your target audience will always have a place for you as long as you’re doing something right. Selling products also teaches you to take responsibility for everything you create. It teaches you how to follow deadlines, work with people in teams, negotiate better and meet new people — competitors, customers, talented employees. Learn something from everyone. Things education can’t always imbibe very well in us.

That’s why it’s essentially for you to get out of your comfort zone and start working on projects, businesses, and skills.

If you’re interested in how I went about writing this article, it was primarily influenced by my old e-commerce start-up, Notebit — aimed at spreading love and positivity through uniquely designed art available on notebooks and posters!

That was it for this time! You can always reach out to me to discuss anything I write and more.