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The Idea & Backstory

Node is an organisation which is really close to my heart. It’s the foundation of the person I am and the skills I possess. Find out more by reading.


In my junior year of high school, I was appointed as the Computer Secretary in the Student Council. People before me had tried setting up a club where students who liked technology could interact with each other and enhance their skills - but somehow it never really took off. I was a little more methodical in my approach, I wanted to cover all bases before launching. Having been in the school for a few years before I was appointed, I understood the state of students interested in tech, the teachers, and obviously the higher management. Using carefully crafted organizational plans, recruitment drives, asking just enough from the computer department - Node - Network of Digital Enthusiasts was born two months after I was appointed. Though the concept of a computer club was nothing new in most of the top schools in the city - I did feel it was an important void which had to be filled in my school.


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With the help of all this support, Node had a successful launch with more than 200+ applicants spanning from all ends of the spectrum (Grade VI - Grade XII). The next step was to recruit the best out of these people for leadership positions and train the rest of the group to harness their skills.

Thankfully, with the support of the founding Node team, we were able to do this - and even more. We actively participated in tech competitions all over the city & country (at times). To my surprise, a school which barely won anything before Node was formed (partially due to lack of talent search & management) was now a regular front-runner in most of these competitions.

Present & Future

As of writing this article, Node is almost 4 years old now - and I couldn’t be happier with everything we’ve achieved. Our network is now stronger than ever with the help of continuous support from the school. Node organizes annual events at both, intra and inter school levels but also participates actively in competitions held across the Delhi NCR Tech Circuit. Node members play an important role in organizing events for our school - their contributions were invaluable to the success, due to their expertise in fields of Design and Development. Perhaps, my favorite change has been the rephrasing of the Computer Secretary post in the Student Council to President & Vice President of Node. It’s just a friendly reminder of how far we’ve come. As a founding alum, I’m always in touch with the current heads of the club - brainstorming on what we could do better and how to keep growing to new heights.

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