KhanAcademy UI Concept

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Project Description

In the summer of 2013 - while studying in high school, I loved KhanAcademy. Being a regular user, I noticed the void of a mobile app for the site. So, being the designer I was - I decided to create a user interface for the app.

Looking back, I think this was my first attempt at creating a full-fledged UI for an entire app. But I’m glad I did because it really got me into user interface design.


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In 2013, I’d say that important people were easier to reach. I tweeted Ben Kamens, the head of development at KA during the time. He replied pretty soon saying that he loved it! I later emailed Kitt Hirasaki, a designer at KA who also told me he liked the direction of the project. I was told to apply for a summer internship but I couldn’t at the time - simply because I wasn’t old enough.

Overall, great project. Glad I did it! It is also my most viewed & appreciated Behance project.