Reducing friction in QA testing.

What I Did

  • Front-end developer

Tools Used

  • Jekyll
  • Bootstrap

Team Members

  • Siddharth Gupta


  • Fall 2018

What is Librarian?

If you develop mobile apps for a large organisation, you've probably heard of Crashlytics and Testflight. These are great tools that help in QA testing before deploying your app. My brother, who works as an iOS developer noticed that there are some limitations to cloud-based QA testing tools such as slow app downloads, dependencies on the cloud, security concerns, and more.

Enter Librarian, a localhost alternative to products like Crashlytics and Testflight that allows a build server to run on your internal network, ensuring tight-knit security and ultra-fast app downloads at the same time!

My brother brought me on the project to help with the branding of the project, and subsequently the front-end development of the user interface. I used Jekyll and Bootstrap to create a responsive UI that was clean and minimalistic.

Demo of Librarian on iOS

Link to Website
GitHub Repository