Visualizing how companies grow over time.

What I Did

  • Project Lead
  • Domain Research
  • Front-end developer

Tools Used

  • D3.js
  • Tableau
  • Figma
  • Bootstrap

Team Members

  • Linh Hoang
  • Gerry Oei
  • Yangyi Xu


  • Fall 2019 (August to December 2019)

Link to System
GitHub Repository
YouTube Video


As consumers, it is often hard to visualize the scale at which the brands we use every day do business. Their business is spread across multiple geographies, business segments, and subsidiaries that we would not generally be aware of. Our visualization aims to shed a light on some of these insights and help consumers & business analysts dive deeper into the financials of a company, their acquisitions, and analyze the investment patterns of venture capitalists.


The project consists of three main views – overview, acquisitions, and funding.

Overview: The purpose of this view is to give the user a birds-eye view of our company dataset. It consists of a scatter plot with various filters and an option to change the axes based on many factors such as revenue, geography, gross profit margin and more. The view also shows details of a particular company on click, such as its various business & geographical segments, and employee demographics such as ethnicity and gender.

Acquisition View: The purpose of the acquisition view is to give more insight into how bigger companies like Amazon have bought smaller companies in order to remove competition and monopolize the market. The number of smaller companies within the parent companies also highlights the kind of monopolies present in the market.

Funding View: This view gives more insight into investing patterns where users will be able to analyze how venture capitalists invest in various companies across different sectors. It also highlights when a venture capitalist invests in two competing companies.

List of Libraries

Bootstrap v4.3, D3 v5, Lodash, Typeahead, jQuery 3.2.1, Popper.js