CAChef Café

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Client Brief

The CAChef Café is a restaurant located in the suburbs of Bombay. Being a personal hobby of the owners, the food is cooked and usually served by them.
To complement the interiors of the café, my team and I were tasked to come up with a superhero + comic themed menu which captured the essence & aura of the café along with displaying the menu items in a clean and readable format.


In order to create a menu which did both - have a comic feel and as well as include superheroes, we took our first important step, which was following a two-page layout, the left side being the illustrations and the right being for the menu items.

This was done to make sure the customers of the café aren’t overwhelmed by the content and depth of the illustrations infused with the different menu choices.

Sketching and Story

Once we decided on the format of the menu, we moved on the storyline of the illustrations. Since the menu roughly had around five pages worth of content, that also meant five illustrations on the left-hand side pages.

For the storyline, we decided on going with a few catchphrases and common references, to make sure they’re at least worth a quick glance/giggle.

Designing the menu

After these initial concepts for the sketches and story were approved by the client, we moved on to the actual process of designing the menu.

The illustrations were done on a Wacom tablet, being supplemented by the Adobe Creative Suite to design the actual menu. To give the comic feel, I chose fonts which resonated with these themes while also keeping in mind the readability vs. funky look.


Comp Check out the entire menu here.